Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Robb Reiner from Anvil visits the DDRUM offices!

 Thursday, March 24th saw a visitor from The Great White North at ddrum headquarters in Tampa.  Robb reiner, from the legendary Anvil stopped in for a quick visit.   A bit more fun than business for this trip, a chance for Robb to take in some of Florida's fine spring weather.  It was also an opportunity for Robb to check out some of DDRUM's newest gear.  Outside of a few top secret things that have yet to be announced, Robb had an opportunity to play one of the newest stars of the line, the Dios Ash.  Already creating a buzz in the industry, the new line proved to be a good match for Robb's classic rock assault.  For those that have never heard a kit made of ash, think of the naturally pre-eq'ed sound of birch, but with a VERY pronounced low end.  Playing a double bass kit with 10/12/13/16/18 toms, Robb really gave them a work out.  Robb was also able to check out the new Reflex black chrome snare.  This drum was designed as a bit of a throwback to a different era of drum making.  It is designed with the working drummer in mind and will fit sonically and visually in to ANY drum configuration. Robb liked the sound so much….he took it with him!   In Anvil news, Robb and the boys just put the finishing touches on a new studio record, "Juggernaut of Justice".  Recorded at Dave Grohl' s Studio 606, it promises to be Anvil's greatest sonic achievement to date!  Look for the record to drop on May 10th, and look for the band to be hitting the road soon after.  First with Alice Cooper on a full-Canadian Tour, likely to be followed by a US tour.

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