Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Relient K in the studio with DDRUM!

Received a picture text from Ethan Luck in Reliant K.  The band is currently in the studio, recording a cover album.  Ethan is playing a Dios Maple kit in Pearl White, one of our most stunning and subtle finishes.  Ethan has been using this kit since late 2010, and reports that all of its tone is translating very well in the studio.  The Dios series, which has always been superb in live settings, is finding a second home in recording studios across the country.  The warm maple shells, combined with low mass hardware and depth ratios, makes for a recording kit that ranks with some of the finest studio kits in the world.  Ethan's set-up for the recording is as follows:

Dios M in Pearl White
7x14 cast chrome snare (or 6x14 Dios M in olive sparkle)
9x13 tom
14x16 floor tom
16x18 floor tom (not in photo)
20x24 bass drum.


  1. For all of the ddrum fans out there currently armed with spell check; the band spells their name Relient K. I made the mistake of spelling it Reliant when i first published the post. Please see the bands site for spelling verification, and of course, to check on the latest from the band. http://relientk.com/

    Thanks :D


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