Friday, September 24, 2010

News and Weather ddrum Style!

And now the news, don't touch that dial!

                Time once again for the ddrum artist blog.  Another quick look into the roster of everyone's favorite drum company.  First up, Brit Turner, and the boys in Blackberry Smoke, continue to bring their incendiary live show to the people.  Southern Rock at its absolute finest, they are playing up and down the east coast for most of October, including a stop at the DeLuna festival in Gulf Breeze Florida.  I gotta admit, using my last name to name a festival is the best marketing move ever…..  The band will continue touring thru the end of the year, followed by a spot on the Lynyrd Skynyrd "Simple Man Cruise" in early 2011.  As usual, more info to be had on:

                Also from Georgia, Stockbridge's own, Collective Soul, continue to prove one of the most solid draws in rock.  It's almost impossible to go to one of their shows, and not sing along, the string of hits is THAT massive!  Holding down the air-tight rhythm section is drummer Cheney Brannon.  The band is currently toning it down slightly and playing some acoustic dates.  Cheney will be playing one of our limited edition, all-birch Dios STN series drum sets.  These kits are an absolute gem, in an already impressive series, and in limited quantities, are going quick!  Cheney dug the kit so much, he is ready to take it into the studio, when the band begins writing its next album!  For the latest on the band, check out:

                Speaking of new albums, John Humphrey and Seether, have recently wrapped recording on their next studio release.  Working with industry vet, and the producer of some of modern rock's most hallowed albums, Brendan O'Brien, industry buzz says this will be one of Seether's greatest albums to date!  An impressive compliment, for a band that has already achieved a very high level of success.  John and ddrum are also working a special little something in the ddrum R&D dept,  more on that soon! More Seether info on:

                Finally, long-time ddrum endorser Tim Yeung has been in our very own hometown, working on the all new Morbid Angel Record.  We have had the pleasure of having Tim at the shop, as well as hanging out with him on the town.  We also took the opportunity to work with Tim on a very special signature snare drum, that we hope to debut at NAMM in 2011.  Tim had a unique vision for the drum, and we at the company took it as a challenge, to create a visually and sonically stunning drum, worthy to be played by some of the fastest hands in metal.  Stay tuned for more….

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  1. Cool to see all the action! I wanna see you drop in on Vik Foxx, and post an interview!


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