Tuesday, October 5, 2010

American Carnage

Good Morning DDRUM!

                What a weekend!  American Carnage invaded Orlando, and nothing will ever be the same!  Starting off the show, was Anthrax, with long-time trigger endorser, Charlie Benante.  The band reminded everyone present, why they are considered among the originators of thrash metal.   

                Up next Megadeth!  Celebrating the anniversary of their classic album, Rust In Peace, the band opened their set by playing the album, in its entirety.  The band then careened like a speeding truck, through a list of some of their biggest hits.  The crowd was so into it, they actually sang the riff to "Symphony of Destruction" along with the band.  All the while, Shawn Drover, a lefty on a right handed kit, held the band together with his powerful and precise playing.  Holding court over all in attendance, on his custom-silver dominion ash drum set. 

                Closing out the carnage, was none other than the mighty Slayer.  I had the opportunity to watch this show, from directly behind Dave Lombardo's drum riser.  To hear Dave on record is an experience, to see him live is amazing.  To watch him from 4 feet away is like a drum lesson at 150 miles per hr!  I was tired after watching him play one song.  Dave on the other hand, is a machine, never slowing down for a minute. 

Keep on the lookout for these three bands in 2011, there are even bigger things on the horizon.  Stay tuned, pics coming soon!

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