Monday, November 15, 2010

Shawn Drover Clinic Tour

It's a Celebration!

Last week saw the completion of a very successful clinic tour. Megadeth's own, Shawn Drover, spent the week with us in sunny Florida, and held court over 4, very successful clinics. The format was simple:  Shawn would go in, play thru some Megadeth tunes, and answer audience questions. Amazingly, shawn played the drums with no backing tracks.  A true feat, given the complexity of the songs he chose to play. Shawn demonstrated power and restraint, while navigating Holy Wars, at the clinic's opening. He then explained the importance of not allowing "runaway train" syndrome, to inform a performance. This is the natural tendency to speed up, especially  when playing aggressive music. You have to keep the excitement, while being a steady foundation, the rest of the band can count on.  

The Q&A sections varied from shop to shop. Questions ranged from "how often do you practice?" to "do they charge taxes on the money you make in other countries?"Shawn answered every question with authority, and a welcome dose of humor. The last day of the tour, Shawn came by the factory, and we handpicked a couple snares for use in the studio.  Shawn grabbed a Duplex snare, and a steam-bent zebra snare. We also looked at some new snares that are in development, stuff that the world will see in the months to come. All of the clinics were a success. One particular clinic, will benefit a charitable cause. More on that in a bit…..

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