Monday, January 24, 2011

ddrum Artist Michael Ehre' of Firewind

Firewind drummer Michael Ehre' launches Love.Might.Kill

Love.Might.Kill was founded in 2009 by Firewind, Uli Jon Roth and Metalium drummer Michael Ehre'. After touring the world with several bands and writing songs for German metallers Metalium, Saeko and Jutta Weinhold, he founded his own band by writing, recording and producing Love.Might.Kill's debut-album "Brace for Impact". Additional members included Jan Manenti on vocals, Christian Stover and Stefan Ellerhorst  on guitars and Jogi Sweers on bass.

"Brace for Impact" features 13 melodic metal tracks in the tradition of the bands longtime favourites like Rainbow, Judas Priest, Dio and Black Sabbath.
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