Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lets talk about snares.

The snare drum is one of the most important drums, in the drum set.  Some would argue THE most important drum.  Most major artists are defined by their snare tone.  Most drummers, will generally sound like themselves on just about any snare drum.  Despite this, many drummers have multiple snares while others have a veritable arsenal of snares.  Recording artists have told the tale of the 100 snares they brought into the studio to record hit records.  Others still, talk about the one snare that does it all.  It is with almost a Tolkian-like reverence in which they hold the drum.  They will either tell you exactly what it is, extremely proud of its exotic or innocuous nature. Others won't say a word, for fear their secret will be out.  Here at ddrum, we have been inching closer and closer to the one drum to rule them all .  The snare in question, the Reflex Black Chrome.  This drum has proven to be a versatile addition to the line.  The steel shell is thick enough to deliver power, yet thin enough to resonate warmly. 2.3 Triple flanged hoops a re sturdy, yet allow the drum to sing out.  This gives the player the option to further enhance the character of the snare, based on: heads,tuning and muffling techniques. This drum is truly a work of art, in its ability to handle the variety of music it is called upon to deliver.  Weather it's the throaty, center-of-the head punch of Cheney Brannon, with Collective Soul, or the cranked up, jazz-metal sticking of Robb Reiner with anvil.  This drum gets it done. Check one out will wonder how you went so long without it.

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