Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Report from the road: Reflex Powerhouse and Uptown

The following statement is from Matt Babineau.  Matt is a ddrum artist in Canada, a hard-hitting journeyman drummer that covers a wide variety of styles.  Up until recently, Matt has been playing kits in our Dios range.  He just picked up a Reflex Powerhouse (pictured) and a Reflex uptown kit.  The statement is unedited and appears exactly as he wrote it:

" Morning Felix!

So I have had a chance to road test each kit.

I had the Uptown out on 2 shows (4 piece version) with the matching snare. The whole kit blew the band and myself away. Possibly the best on stage kick sound I have ever had. The toms were clear and full sounding. Great sustain and attack. The snare was the biggest surprise though. I had it cranked and it still sound very warm and dry as well as crisp. The performance of the all of the drums were superb. I didn’t have to touch a tension rod on the toms or kick for well over 50 songs and I hit friggin’ hard. The rack tom mount felt very solid. Not much movement when I hit the 12” compared to standard crescent mounts.

I brought the Powerhouse kit (minus snare and 18”) into the studio on Monday night to record 1 song. I am speechless! The engineer got the drum tones in minutes. Flat EQ on the whole kit and they sounded like thunder. I have never heard toms that huge coming through near field studio monitors with flat EQ. I used my Dios hammered bronze snare and it killed as well.

Very happy with all of the drums!
Thanks again! "

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