Monday, April 4, 2011


Saturday was a heck of a day in Tampa Bay!  Wait....did I just rhyme that?  Local Rock station 98 Rock hosted its annual package show, known simply as Rockfest.  Joining us for these festivities was not one, but two DDRUM artists.  Gracing this year's main stage was Joey Dandeneau and Theory of a Deadman, and John Humphrey with Seether.  Both bands performed a blistering live set, providing the "ROCK" for Rockfest.  Joey played his USA customer DDRUM kit, was painted with custom graphics.  John held it down on a yellow-gold fade dios maple kit.  Both drummers favored the traditional 1 rack 2 floor set up and both used a 20x24 kick.  John's descending tom sizes were 13/16/18, while Joey went 12/14/16.  Joey proved a double threat by also utilizing DDRUM's acoustic pro and DRT triggers.  Highlights from the show were numerous, but two in particular really stand out.  Theory performed a new track off of their soon-to-be-released follow up to Scars and Souvenirs called "Bitch Came back".  A rollicking tune that had the crowd cheering.  Seether, performed their hit "Broken" with vocals provided by Halestorm front woman Lzzy Hale.  Included below are a few quick shots of Joey's custom kit.  More photos from the show to come!


  1. I got to see this kit up close and personal last year at a show.. It is a beautiful kit and sounds killer.. I heard it at sound check and then the show got rained out but will see them again this year at Burlington steamboat days in iowa. I just got my new ddrum kit last week or most of it. I got a chrome reflex with two kick's a 10,12 rack and 14,16,18 floor toms and 18" and 20" deccabons. still waiting on the 14,18 and deccabons to come in. but they sound killer. great job Ddrum it's my second kit from you and love both of them...

  2. Mike! Very cool that you got to check out Joey's kit...and SUPER COOL that you are on your second ddrum kit. Hearing stuff like that makes all the things we do worth while. Reflex drums sound absolutely amazing, thanks for your continued support!


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