Monday, April 18, 2011

A View from the Road. Craig Morgan's Russ Whittman

Sometimes, there is nothing in the world like some pics of a kick-@$$ drum set.  Here is the latest from Russ Whitman, currently on tour with craig morgan.  Russ is using a dios maple player kit with the "tons-o-options" setting all the way to the right.  In addition to the 14" add-on floor tom, Russ is also using the the matching wood hoops on all of the toms and the 7x13 snare.  Then a pair of trans-black wood hoops on the Hammered Bronze snare.


  1. That is one Bad Ass kit!!!

  2. Known Russ for years and he is by far the finest drummer I've seen since My days as a Student at G.I.T./A.I.M. I saw any and everyone then ! There were a few pro exceptions like my drummer and then Dixie dreg drummer Rod Morganstein! I have Rod thru special arrangement from Beatboy Drum Sequences!


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