Monday, May 2, 2011

Get to know the Dios Bamboo Snare!

Time for a little reaction to one of the lesser-known models in the ddrum arsenal.  The Dios bamboo snare.  This drum comes with the option of die-cast or matching bamboo hoops, in a choice of satin natural or satin black.   This drum has been described by many of the ddrum staff, as one the absolute best we have to offer.  Extremely versatile, it is a hybrid sound that splits the difference between wood and metal.  It also has the benefit of being environmentally conscious, as bamboo is in the grass family and is quickly replenish able.  This is the drum that I personally own....but don't take my word for it, here is the reaction from Sean Fuller, from Justin Moore's band:

"Wow! love this snare drum. For a rock style drummer that usually only uses steel or brass snare drums live, this snare blew me away!! It is now the main snare drum on my kit and night after night I always get rave reviews on how the snare sounds. And for me, it out performs any other snare to date I have used. Thank You DDrum. Keep the revolution of innovation coming. ~Sean Fuller for Justin Moore and the Double Barrel Ace Band"

Here is a quick vid from one of our retailers, Cymbal Fusion:

For more on the Dios Bamboo snare, check out:

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