Monday, June 6, 2011

Have you met....Felipe Torres?

Currently on tour wth the Monkee's, on their 45th anniversery tour, Felipe is a talented and energetic addition to the ddrum roster.  He also brings with him years of technical skills in the field of drum tech work, as he, like most of us, as had to tech for himself on a variety of gigs.  Felipe took a couple minutes of soundcheck, to tell us about the ddrum gear he is currently using on this run with the Monkees.

Felipe also plays with Carmine Appice's Slamm, when he is not on the road.  As such, he and I experimented with Carmine's signature snare a bit, the last time he was at the shop.  I will let Felipe fill you in on what we came up with:


  1. THANKS DDRUM! The most rockin' drums around.


  2. my name is chris cerell ddrums made me a better
    player watch out world cause here i come !!!


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