Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Uproar, roars into Tampa

Summer touring season keeps rolling right along.  Tampa played host to Rockstar Energy Drink's second festival tour, Uproar.  Playing counterpoint to Mayhem, earlier this year, playing the main stage was yet another ddrum artist, John Humphrey with Seether! John is a rock drummer of the highest order.  Seether takes the stage as a power trio these days, which really allows John to shine.  He anchors the band while spicing up the arrangements with well-placed tom hits and tasteful double pedal work.  The song is the number one priority, and John lays it down with authority.  The set was lean, and powerful, with radio-hit after radio hit, including the brand new single Tonight, and their previous single Country Song.  This was John's 6th show, on his all-new Dios kit.  For this tour, we custom-fitted a red cherry sparkle kit, with black-nickel hardware.  The hardware made the already rich painted finish even deeper and more intense.  John augmented his usual one rack, two floor set up, with a 14" floor tom to the left.  This added a bit of dimension to grooves and fills. Ever the explorer, John has 3 different snares on this tour.  In addition to his signature snare, he is also rocking the Dios Bamboo, and the Dios Zebra.  He choose the bamboo for this show, and it cracked through the PA like a metal drum, but with added warmth and punch, that can only be had from a wood shell.

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