Monday, August 29, 2011

Have you met....Adam Pierce...?

Fresh off the Rockstar Mayhem tour, Adam Pierce with All Shall Perish.

A few words on Adam, from Adam himself....

I began playing drums when I was 12 years old when me and my cousin decided to start a cover band. At first we were unsure who was going to play what, but it soon became apparent that I would be the one to pick up the drums seeing how two of my uncles were both drummers. Soon after, me and my cousin begged our parents to buy us both our instruments. I fortunately was able to borrow a drum set from my uncle and I began taking drum lessons in the Fall of '98. I continued taking drum lessons for 3 years until I felt that I needed to grow and find my own way as a musician. Taking lessons taught me a lot, but I soon learned that one of my biggest teachers would become playing along to my favorite records.

Early on, my uncle Doug was a huge inspiration in my playing. He exposed me to a lot of  new music. He is honestly responsible for giving me the extra push I needed to really work at making music my career. I remember watching King Crimson's live DVD Deja Vrooom with him and realizing at that moment I wanted to make music for a living.

Throughout my high school career I gigged around in bands in the Louisville area. I began pulling influences from the local Midwest metalcore scene. Along the way I made some amazing friends which helped me network to where I am today. Some of my biggest influences are Mike Portnoy, Dave Abbruzzese, and Pat Mastelotto.

Adam is playing Dios M series in Transparent Black:
6x14 Dios Maple snare or 6.5x14 Dios Bamboo snare
7x10 tom
8x12 tom
14x16 floor tom
20x22 bass drum x2

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