Saturday, August 6, 2011

Steve Luongo chooses DDRUM!

NAMM 2011:  After releasing the John Entwistle bass series with Dean it was decided that I would perform a set of music with Dean owner / bassist Elliott Rubinson and my guitarist Mark Hitt at the Grove to kick off the release of the basses.

I was provided with a set of DDrums and began tuning them during the sound check.  The snare drum was killer and the next day on the floor of NAMM I asked Felix DeLuna if that snare was available for me to play in the sound proof drum booth.  It was a black chrome reflex snare drum.  I beat this thing full out for about an hour and fell in love!
I was surprised to find out that this was not a top of the line drum but rather a mid line series.

That didn't matter to me the drum was speaking my language and I asked about getting one or three of these beauties.  Long story short I am now proud to be a DDrum artist. I have had the honor of being an artist endorsee for several top companies over the years.  My one criteria has always been that I only endorse what I would buy.  These drums certainly live up to my standards and deliver the sound and playability I am looking for on stage and in the studio.
DDrum Artist Steve Luongo (John Entwistle Band)

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