Friday, August 19, 2011

Blackberry Smoke perform "Up in Smoke"

Atlanta based Blackberry Smoke continues to grow into the premiere Southern Rock band of America. On drums, Brit Turner plays show after show with his ddrum USA kit. This video was taken recently in Athens, Georgia playing their hit "Up in Smoke".

Brit Turner's Configuration:
14" x 24" kick 
14" x 6.5" snare 
13" x 9" tom 
16" x 16" floor 

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  1. Nice lookin drums these guys blow me away

  2. Blackberry Smoke kicks ass! And Brit Turner is awesome on his ddrum USA kit. Go anything made in the USA!!!

  3. I met Britt a couple of months ago when my band opened for Blackberry Smoke in Effingham, IL. Britt was very cool and took me over to check out his new kit, I have to say that it is stunning with the claw hoops and reliced hardware. Very nicely themed kit, sounds awesome too, nice work!. B.B.

  4. DDrums have come a long way! I love the wooden rims! Brit Turners live performances are fun and exciting to watch..........DDrums makes it better! The south is rising again with Blackberry Smoke and DDrums!!!!

  5. These guy's ROCK, can't wait to see em' again. The new ddrums sound great Brit.

  6. Britt Turner playing your drums is an awesome combination!!!!!

  7. Brit is like the Hammer of Thor (in a southern way of course) on his new DDrum set. That is one fat kick drum. The snare is crisp and thick That's why BBS have the drive they do.
    Killer looks too. If you haven't seen then check them out.

  8. Brit sound is excellent, he is not only a great guy but a kick ass drummer to boot. Thanks for making great drums that him sound so good! Go BBS!!! The southland has a great new sound!!!!

  9. Just discovered BBS. Amazing band.. amazing drummer! I really dig Brits kit... When with this kit be available?


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